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The area: Santa Fe

Santa Fe is widely recognized as one of the most intriguing cities in the world, due largely to the city's preservation of its architectural, cultural and artistic heritage. A modern zoning code, passed in 1958, mandates the city's distinctive Spanish-Pueblo style of architecture, which is based on the adobe and wood construction of the past. 

In fact, Santa Fe is the most artistic city in the United States, with the highest artists per capita, and it is the first UNESCO Creative City in the US. In excess of one million tourists visit Santa Fe each year, and it is by far the leading tourist attraction in New Mexico.

Santa Fe is also a destination living location for top-tier Hollywood talent.  Artists like Georgia O'Keefe put Santa Fe on the map for the Hollywood set, primarily due to its unique artistic heritage, natural beauty and pure sunlight.

Film heritage

During the 1890's, in the then Territory of New Mexico, the legendary inventor Thomas Edison filmed some of the world’s very first motion pictures.

In the early 20th Century, when Cecil B. DeMille travelled from New York to Los Angeles to establish what has become Hollywood, the train stopped to refuel in Santa Fe. Stepping onto the platform DeMille looked around and proclaimed, “this is perfect.” His assistant whispered in his ear, “sorry Mr DeMille, we’re not there yet.”

Even though Hollywood ended up where it did, through the course of the 20th Century scores of motion pictures and television shows were made in New Mexico, everything from The Lone Ranger and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid to Wyatt Earp and All the Pretty Horses, starring everyone from John Wayne and James Stewart to Kirk Douglas and Matt Damon.

In the early 21st Century, New Mexico entered prime time with the advent of the simple 25% production rebate. Since its adoption a decade ago, hundreds of films and television shows have been made in New Mexico, including blockbusters and Oscar-winners alike. Shows such as The Avengers, Terminator Salvation, No Country For Old Men, Transformers, Breaking Bad, Crazy Heart, Cowboys And Aliens, and countless others.