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Lance Hool


Lance Hool possesses a uniquely multifaceted background in film and media, having worked as an actor, writer, director, producer, executive producer and chairman of a distribution company. Over the last four decades he has produced twenty-five major motion pictures, two of which have reached the coveted number one at the box-office rank: Missing In Action (1984) and, more recently, Man on Fire (2004), which was released by 20th Century Fox.

Lance's work has taken him to five continents, which has granted him the unparalleled opportunity to observe studios all around the world, and continually hone his own expertise in studio operation. He enjoys an unrivaled reputation for successfully shepherding a story from the page to the screen, and for delivering films on-time and on-budget. Because of the high priority he places on delivering value to his financiers, he has promptly repaid all of the production loans for his movies. Equity investors have been in the enviable position of always receiving their investment back, with a return.

Born and raised in Mexico City in a family environment of international politics and art, Lance spent his formative years in the film industry working as an actor on motion pictures such as Ralph Nelson's Soldier Blue, starring Candice Bergen, and Howard Hawks' Rio Lobo, starring John Wayne.

In 1971, he entered the film business full-time, gravitating towards production. From 1977 to 1980, Lance ran the US operations of Pelmex, the Mexican national film distribution company. Under his adroit management, the company co-produced more than 20 films and released upwards of 100 theatrical releases per year, while Lance himself became a master in overseeing the complex orchestration of people, locations, equipment, time and money that is required to successfully bring a motion picture to fruition.

Because of his wide-ranging aptitude for the intricacies of every stage of the process - from acting to physical production to directing - Lance also possesses an exceptional knack for managing a film's schedule and budget, while simultaneously facilitating the magic of the creative process.

Lance holds a BA and an MBA from the Universidad de las Americas, and is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Directors Guild of America, the Screen Actors Guild of America and the Screenwriters Guild.

The Hool family

The Hool family represents six generations in the entertainment industry. This collective history has infused our approach to Santa Fe Studios.


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