Santa Fe Studios


Studio history

Studio birds eye


Santa Fe County passes a resolution focusing on film & media as a key target industry for economic development

Studio construction truck


Santa Fe County adopts the Community College District Plan, creating specific economic development areas within the District

Studio blueprint


Governor Gary Johnson passes a 15% production rebate as an incentive to lure film & television production to New Mexico

Studio materials


Governor Bill Richardson increases the production rebate to 25%

Studio structure


Santa Fe County unanimously passes Ordinance 2007-10 transforming the Economic Development Park into the Media District

Studio frame


Santa Fe County unanimously passes Ordinance 2008-7, an ordinance approving a Santa Fe County economic development project with Santa Fe Studios

Studio construction


Santa Fe County unanimously passes Resolution 2009-70, authorizing execution of a grant agreement with the State of New Mexico for the development of a film studio

Studio inside

January 2011

construction commences

Studio entrance

October 2011

construction completion

Location options

November 2011

gala ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by executives from Warner Bros., Disney, Sony Pictures Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, ABC, IMAX and Exclusive Media.

Studio entrance

April 2013

Governor Susana Martinez signs the "Breaking Bad bill" into law, thereby increasing the New Mexico production rebate to 30%.

Studio entrance

April 2019

Governor Lujan-Grisham signs SB2 into law, significantly improving the production incentives.